Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Essentially, you are wearing bubble wrap. The bubble suit covers everything above the knees, and you are secured in by two shoulder straps and two handles. Qualified STELLAR PLAY staff make sure your suit is fitted correctly and you are ready for an amazing time.


What is the minimum number of players?

Minimum of 6 players to book.


What do I wear?

To ensure you are comfortable, we recommend wearing sports clothing, runners, and knee pads. Please no cleats, hair clips, or bobby pins (they may puncture the balls)


Can anyone play?

Anyone can play bubble soccer! We now have junior bubbles that are perfect for kids. Our adult sized bubbles are suitable for anyone over 5' 2'' and can lift about 25 pounds.


Where do we play?

Bubble soccer can be played outside on dry grass or turf, and inside gyms. If you are having difficulties finding a facility, please ask us and we can find a place near you.


What if it rains?

If the weather turns for the worse, we can help reschedule your event, or find an indoor location. 

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