Cave Trampolines!

That's right! The title says it all. As you can probably tell, I love trampolines. I have written about Tree Top Trampolines on this blog, but the thought of bouncing through a humongous slate cavern in Wales, UK blows my mind! 


It is hard to describe something so out of this world, so let me show you. 

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Archery Tag!

Photo courtesy of Tibor Kovacs
Photo courtesy of Tibor Kovacs

Who would you rather be? Katniss Everdeen, Hawkeye, or Legolas?


In last couple years, archery has become increasingly more popular with the release of movies like The Hunger Games and The Avengers. I have always loved the sport, but it was about time for a re-vamp!


Created in the U.S., Archery Tag hit with force, becoming an exciting new sport that was easy to learn, and way less painful than paintball. 

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Courtesy of Pierre Alexandre Papillon
Courtesy of Pierre Alexandre Papillon

Run, jump, flip and roll.


Is that the easiest way to get from point A to point B? Probably not, but it is a whole lot more fun. Why walk when you can get creative and push yourself to try something absolutely crazy.


Hard core parkour! The statement usually yelled out as I jump off a bench two feet from the ground, has always been a fascination of mine. The ability to let yourself break free from fear and try something where there is no right or wrong way, is a challenge. 

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Tree Top Trampolines!

Courtesy of North News & Pictures Ltd
Courtesy of North News & Pictures Ltd

With the beautiful spring weather finally returning, it is time to head outside. It is definitely easier to get active and be adventurous when you can put down the umbrella and take off the rain boots.


I am going to take a leap of faith with our next activity, especially if heights are not your forte.


Trampolines have always been a staple in my childhood, and seeing how high I could bounce my friends was essential to the experience. Now lets move that trampoline 30 feet up and we have a thrilling new activity.


Tree Top Nets!

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Courtesy of einalem
Courtesy of einalem

Next on our tour of adventurous activities, we stop in New Zealand for a look at the first inflatable craze that swept the globe. Zorbing!


This is Bubble Ball to the extreme. If you have ever wondered what it might be like to live as a hamster and run in a plastic ball, then it is time to check this off your bucket list.


Also known as orbing or sphering, these attractions have been popping up all over the world. There's just no stopping this strange sport. 



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Bubble Ball!

Have you ever wished that you could find a subtle way to full body check a co-worker, or relieve stress in a more interesting way? Bubble Soccer is the answer!


Encouraging full contact and massive hits, bubble soccer has taken the world by storm. From its humble beginnings in Norway, Bubble Ball innuendoes are now being made all over the world including: China, New Zealand, America, England and or course, Canada. 

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Try Something New!

 When was the last time you tried something for the first time?


Finding the time to try something new can be difficult. Life is busy, and things get in the way, making it a struggle to get active and find the time to try something out of the ordinary.


Unfortunately in our world, work usually takes precedent over having fun, earnings are put away for the “future”, and the end goal is to have a comfortable life when retirement comes. But that means 30% of our life is spent working.


So what will you do with the other 70 percent? (Besides sleep!)


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