Hover Archery

Ready. Aim. Fire

Hover Archery in Coquitlam

What is Hover Archery?

Hover Archery is our portable archery range. Using our special, foam tipped arrows, Hover Archery can be played anywhere, including: parks, backyards, meeting halls, and more!


Hover Archery is an easy way to bring entertainment anywhere. Lear how to shoot an bow and arrow with out skilled staff and high quality equipment.

Perfect for Festivals, Parties, Corporate Events and much more!


Hover Archery Pricing






**Each Additional Hour is 50% off**


Add Hover Archery to your Stellar Play

event for just $75

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we play?

Hover Archery can be played anywhere with an electrical outlet close by. You can play in gyms, grass fields, conference rooms, etc. 


Who can play?

We provide 15 or 25 pound bows, so any one from 3-103 years old can play!


How long does it take to set up?

We require 25 minutes to set up and strike.


Can we play in the rain?

An electrical pump is being used, so it can only be played on dry ground. 


Is it safe?

We use special foam tipped arrows that can be fired indoors and outdoors safely.