Run. Bump. Roll

How to Play


  • Everyone on the field wears a bubble, which has been adjusted to fit them.
  • Wear sport clothing and runners. It's quite the workout!
  • Bring lots of water!



  • 3 v 34 v 4, or 5 v 5 soccer
  • or choose from our extensive games list
  • Non-Stop laughter


*All set-up and clean-up is done on our time, not yours.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Essentially, you are wearing bubble wrap. The bubble suit covers everything above the knees, and you are secured in by two shoulder straps and two handles. Qualified STELLAR PLAY staff make sure your suit is fitted correctly and you are ready for an amazing time.


What is the minimum number of players?

Minimum of 6 players to book.


Are the bubbles clean?

Our bubbles are unique with removable straps. Stellar Play facilitators clean and sanitize each bubble before and after all events. This ensures your bubble is always ready for battle!


What if it rains?

If the weather turns for the worse, we can help reschedule your event, or find an indoor location. Deposits are non-refunadable but will be transferred to your next event with us. For safety reasons, we are unable to play bubble ball in the rain.


What do I wear?

To ensure you are comfortable, we recommend wearing sports clothing, runners, and knee pads. Please no cleats, hair clips, or bobby pins (they may puncture the balls)


Can anyone play?

Anyone can play bubble soccer! We have junior bubbles that are perfect for kids aged 7-12 years old and adult bubbles for the "older" kids 13 + years. Anyone under 18, must be supervised by an adult.


How long does it take to set up?

      We require 25 minutes to set up and strike.


Where do we play?

Bubble soccer can be played outside on dry grass or turf, and inside gyms. If you are having difficulties finding a facility, please ask us and we can find a place near you.