Battle Archery

Archery and Dodgeball, wrapped into one amazing game!


Two teams battle to knock out the opponents 5-spot target, and eliminate the opposing team.

How to Play

-Teams start on their base line and begin on the whistle.

-Players cannot cross into the opponents zone. 

-If hit by an opponents arrow, player must immediately move to the side of the playing area

How to Win

Knock out each 'round'

        of opponent's 5-spot target.        

Eliminate all opponents by

'tagging' them with an arrow.

Equipment Provided:

-25 OR 15 pound bow (no outside bows allowed)

-foam tipped arrows

-face mask and arm guard

-inflatable bunkers

-5-spot targets

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear?

Anything you feel comfortable in and can move around in.  


What is the minimum number of players?

Minimum of 6 players to book.


What is the minimum age?

10 years old (guardian must sign waiver). Anyone under 18, must be supervised by an adult.


Can I bring my own bow and arrows

Our equipment is specifically designed for Battle Archery. For fairness and safety, everyone must use our equipment. 


Where do we play?

Battle Archery can be played outside on a private grass or turf, and inside gyms. If you are having difficulties finding a facility, please ask us and we can find a place near you.


How long does it take to set up?

 We require 25 minutes to set up and strike.


What if it rains?

If the weather turns for the worse, we can help reschedule your event, or find an indoor location. Deposits are non-refunadable but will be transferred to your next event with us. 

Did you know we teach Archery?

Learn archery anywhere with Stellar Play's certified archery instructors. 


Perfect for beginners and those looking to enhance their archery skills. Our soft tipped arrows are suitable for gymnasiums and fields. Let us bring this fun sport to you!